• Business continuity support for companies
  • Crowd safety expert witness constructing reports for a range of issues in venues and festivals
  • Consultancy for small, major and superscale events on issues taking place during preparation, in delivery and post event
  • Consulting on HVM, HR planning and counter-terrorism advice for major companies and projects
  • Crowd management plan testing, software testing, security planning and auditing
  • Delivery of tabletop exercises for major venues and events
  • Health & Safety Reports for a range of commercial businesses, local authorities and third sector clients
  • Increasing staff development and engagement
  • Personnel audits for major companies
  • Preparation of crowd management planning documents for business premises, venues, transport hubs and other crowded space
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Projects dealing with an increase in standing floor capacities, redevelopment of space and change in utilization of a range of venues
  • Reviewing change management practices
  • Risk assessment documentation


  • ESD advice for new or existing conditions.
  • Advising about Deep energy retrofits.
  • Design of self sufficient sustainable homes.
  • Developing innovative sustainable construction technologies.
  • Initiating, strategising, organising and advising toward development potential.
  • Planning and urban design, with emphasis on ESD and lifestyle.
  • Project Managing infrastructure implementation, including road, waste water, fresh water, electricity (renewable and grid), gas, communications.


•Personalized risk based audit

• Understanding key risks

• Evaluation of accounting systems and internal controls


  • an experienced, certified team including a dedicated bookkeeper with CPA oversight
  • a proven, secure cloud-based technology platform
  • monthly advisory and financial reporting
  • a world-class service rating
  • work flow improvement and financial controls
  • no interruption in service as a result of staff turnover, vacation or illness
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